Monday, January 25, 2010

My Building Project

It's Monday and the kids got a day off from school because of the weather.  It's been fun hanging out since they are "trapped" here with me and can't leave the house-quality family time!  

Today is also giving me some time to catch up on things I have been putting off because of lack of time.  We have all been working hard on our construction project which involves finishing off an unfinished space above our garage.  One of the fun things I am doing up there is building my dream studio!  Now, I've had craft/art rooms in my home before but never a dedicated spot built just for me and my art.   Best of all I have a sink, no more washing paint brushes in the bathrooms!  No more glass grinding for stained glass on the kitchen island!  (But don't hold me to that--sometimes I like to be where all the action is, even if it means we'll be eating tiny glass shards with our food)  I thought I would post some photos of our little garage attic area during the process.  Below are the photos after we cleaned out the attic and before the building started.  I'm so excited for it to be finished I can hardly stand myself!

That's all for now!  If you have any good ideas for a studio space or would like to share photos of your space I would love to see them!  


Cindy said...

What an exciting project!!! I can't wait to follow along and see the progress you make with your dream studio! :-)

littlethings1 said...

Your project looks like it is going to be so great for you to have that extra space , but I also know what you mean about being where everyone else is also ! Dont you wish projects could be done in 30 min like on tv !?
Thanks for stopping by my blog !
The Little Things

Antica Treasures said...


Awesome Space! I wish you lot's of lovely creative times in there! MAke sure to show us the finished project! ' )