Sunday, January 10, 2010

KC Willis Marketing Mindset

I would like to tell everyone about an online workshop I have joined called, KC Willis Marketing Mindset-Navigating the Art Market.  KC willis is a fabulous mixed media artist.  She will be covering ways to market your art and how to get over the fear of marketing it.  I have been participating in the online discussions and looking forward to the first video.  If you sign up now the price is reduced to $144 (regular price is $244).  I am also signed up for one of her other online workshops, "Collage Camp" which has 6 videos and is full of great information and tutorials.  Collage Camp is only $75 to sign up for right now, which is a bargain!  I have also connected with many other talented artists and have gained much inspiration!  KC is a great teacher and you're sure to enjoy!


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