Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

I'll bet you're wondering why I say, "Rain, rain don't go away".  Well, for starters, I have TONS of yard work to do!  Flowers to plant, mulch to put in, weeds to kill and I need to finish my little fish pond in my back yard that I tore out last Fall to re-do and didn't finish.  Since it's been raining, however, I have not "been able" to do any of that so instead I've been playing in my studio and not feeling guilty because I have all this other work to do!  Although, I must confess that I do not care for the rain and 50 degree weather when I have to go watch my daughter at her track meet.  I have also been getting my Spring house cleaning done which always feels good!

Here are a few of the jewelry pieces I've been spending my time on. 

Well, it's pouring rain outside again today so you know where to find me!  Have a happy day all!