Thursday, February 4, 2010

We're Getting Closer!

Just a few updated photos of our little building project.  We are getting closer to being finished.  Just a few more nail holes to be filled, another coat of paint and it's finished!  I am hoping I can move in some furniture this weekend.....even if they have to paint around it!  (Just kidding)  Please disregard the random construction supplies.



littlethings1 said...

Oh wow is all I can say ! You are very lucky ! Looks like it will be amazing ! A lot of work , but well worth it !

Cindy said...

Your space is truly transforming...and you might move in this weekend??! You must be so excited. It looks GREAT...the perfect nook to create in. I love the angled ceiling and the hardwood floors...and the SINK! Everything is so well thought-out. :-)

b e c k y said...

Hi! Wow...looks great! And agree with lucky! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Jennifer
Just me stopping by again.... I saw some of your more recent pictures on Twitter...I never even heard of Twitpics! The dress form with the shawl and the pretty necklace in your NEW studio is gorgeous!
I think we are breaking ground on our house today, finally!