Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hello Everyone and welcome to my world.  After looking online at so many beautiful blogs I finally decided to make one of my own.  My world consists of my mostly my kids and all their activities. When I have time for me I enjoy decorating, spending time at the lake with my family and all my many hobbies and art.  

It has been 10 years since I started making jewelry.  I first started it just for fun for myself, my daughters, and gifts for friends.  Eventually I started to build up so many supplies and my friends were encouraging me to do it as a business so I started to sell it at home parties and charity events.  After slowing down for a couple of years and only selling in consignment shops I kept coming across all these wonderful artistic blogs and became inspired to dive back in full force!  

I truly feel that art, hobbies and anything that you enjoy keeps you grounded, makes your heart happy and is good for the soul.  Have a happy day! 

Welcome to my blog! I hope to share some fun stuff about my life as well as things and sites I love. Enjoy!